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  Genesta Mobile Chip and Pin Solution  

Genesta Mobile Chip and Pin Solution

May 06, 2015

Genesta along with hardware partner Ingenico now provide a mobile point of sale solution designed for use in high volume outdoor applications such as parking and concessions. The architecture provides connectivity at up to 1/4 mile for 21 connections and eliminates the need for each user to carry a smart phone.

A single device supports EMV chip and pin, magstripe, NFC, barcode scanning and keypad entry for cash transactions. The PCI compliant operating system and network protocols ensure secure payment transactions.

"With the rapid adoption of chip and pin and NFC for Apple Pay and other mobile wallet applications we were looking for a one piece solution that was affordable, supportable and scalable. By connecting Ingenico's ISMP payment device directly to the network through our gateway software we were able to eliminate the two piece phone solution and provide a more rugged payment option. Taking credit card and NFC payment outside just got easier" said Kelson Elam of Genesta.

Portable receipt printers also connect to the network and can be shared between users. Custom screens may be created to meet specific applications needs such as inventory and scanning of pre purchased passes.

The Genesta solution implements as a standalone system or may be integrated into existing local server or cloud based point of sale application. The terminals connect to the local network or remotely via a single cellular modem. A host side dashboard allows real time monitoring of transactions, equipment and personnel.

Genesta Mobile Chip and Pin Solution

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