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For companies that ship, track and manage the flow of products to, within and through a warehouse, Genesta is the data collection and mobile solutions company that helps customers improve ROI, competitiveness and customer satisfaction, by applying their extensive knowledge of and experience with proven data collection technologies and system integration to first guide client decisions about efficiency versus accuracy, and cost versus benefit, then configure and integrate hardware and software solutions that best address individual client needs.

Smaller Means Faster, And That’s Large

While Genesta is a relatively small company compared to our competitors, we have an extensive client base, including Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies in warhousing and distribution. That’s because “small” translates to fast, nimble and responsive. Since Genesta has extensive experience in all areas of data collection, we can be your single point of contact for fully integrated multi-modal solutions.

Walk The Walk To Talk The Talk

From walking the aisles of your warehouse to interviewing supervisors and employees, we look for ways to improve employee productivity and cost efficiency. There’s a trade off between efficiency and accuracy, and system cost versus benefit. We help clients understand those trade-offs, so they don't make unnecessary expenditures. Additionally, if your assessment calls for IT services, we manage the entire construction process to incorporate IT into your infrastructure.

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About Us

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